Quality and Certifications


Quality is a top priority present in all of ZECRON’s business areas. With our manufactured products and our services and care, we try to fulfil our clients’ needs in the best possible way (including legal requirements), and provide them with the highest level of satisfaction.

Being continuously improving is part of ZECRON’s corporate philosophy. We endeavour to use an appropriate work system for our employees, we work so that our products match the needs of the market, and we strive to satisfy our customers’ needs while seeking to achieve the best results in regard to the installations.

Our company, with all its staff, collaborators, customers and suppliers, meets the needs, expectations and potential of all those who are involved in one way or another in the business activity of ZECRON. The manufacture of chemicals for water treatment industrial, advice and management, acting within the context of the company and taking into account interested parties.

For ZECRON the quality process is essential, achieving excellent results and continuous improvements, which is why there is also strict compliance with the legislation of the sector, in which our manufacturing processes are carried out, with all safety measures in the Work and respect for the environment.

All our productive processes advice and management of the company is carried out under the strict application of the regulations ISO 9001:2015. Our growth is developed by specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-limited objectives, which is why we parameterize our processes and have indicators to measure their evolution.


ZECRON has all the accredited records and certificates that ensure the highest quality in all its processes. It has a system that controls the execution methods and results of each of the departments.

We have the Official Registry of Pesticide Establishments and Services (ROESP) with registry number 5359 CAT-LgB, to perform treatments for third parties for the prevention and control of Legionellosis.

We have the Official Register of Pesticide Establishments and Services for the manufacture of biocides with registration number B-0402-E.

We have a Laboratory Registry authorized by Public Health and Agrifood in the Region of Murcia with registration number A / 075.

We have a laboratory authorized by the Public Health Agency of Catalonia with registration number LSSA - 315 - 14.

ZECRON has the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

We manufacture a varied range of chemical products with Kosher certification.

We manufacture chemical products that comply with the requirements set forth in Royal Decree 140/2003, which establishes the Sanitary Criteria for the Quality of Water for Human Consumption.

We manufacture chemical products that comply with FDA regulations.

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