Chemical Products


We have registered biocides against Legionella Pneumophila and specific treatments to combat it in refrigeration facilities, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, humidifiers, etc. .


Different types of scale occur within industrial water systems which, upon heating, concentrate and precipitate, thus forming hard and thermally insulating deposits. The most common are the following:

  • Sulfates.
  • Calcium or magnesium carbonates.
  • Silica.

Our treatments prevent the deposition of these salts and thus hinder the formation of incrustations that may cause the facilities to malfunction. We also have specific products to remove incrustations already formed due to improper treatment.


The impurities commonly found in water can cause problems of various kinds in industrial systems. By adding different products we can ensure that these impurities remain dispersed in the water, and avoid their precipitation and possible incrustation or the beginning of corrosion, in order to eliminate them through the installation's drains.


Corrosion is mainly caused by dissolved oxygen in water, by free carbon dioxide or by inorganic acids, the consequence of which is always a dissolution of the metal.
Given the different types of corrosion that can occur in hot, cold or steam water circuits, we have products to inhibit and control these types of chemical reactions.
Our products are specifically formulated for each type of installation and with components of proven efficacy.


Filming amines protect installations by forming a hydrophobic layer on the & nbsp; metal. Thus, they prevent the corrosive action of water while minimizing the formation of unwanted scale on surfaces, making heat exchange more effective and improving steam production.


In steam or condensate return lines, CO2 accumulation usually occurs, & nbsp; which causes the action of acid x corrosion due to its acidity & nbsp; that is formed in these when CO2 reacts with the H2O.
If alkalizing products are added to the system, corrosion in these steam or condensate lines will be avoided, since the carbonic acid formed will be neutralized.


We manufacture multifunctional products that act at the same time as anticorrosive, antifouling, dispersing and alkalizing, so that all the needs of an installation can be covered with a single multifunctional product.

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